Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Goodbye (once again!)

My internet site host, 1and1.com, is run by a bunch of people who are apparently sloppy at keeping up with the "paperwork" needed to run a business. Last fall, I cancelled a (customer) site that had two months left in the contract and removed it from the internet. 1and1.com marked the site in their register to be deleted from their system at the end of the contract period and even sent me an email confirmation of this. But at the end of the contract, when it was supposed to be cancelled, they billed me again for another six months. If the site had still been active, that would have kept it online through June of this year. I complained to my payment provider, who immediately blocked 1and1.com from doing this. Then I called 1and1.com, and their service rep insisted that the site was indeed cancelled and that they had never invoiced me. I thought the issue was resolved, until I got a letter this week threatening collections against me for not paying for the site under it's current billing contract.

An hour long call to 1and1.com customer service, followed by a lot of holding and record digging, finally resolved the issue about the old website. But being that this is the second time this sort of thing has happened, I informed my payment provider to permanently cancel my payment contract to 1and1.com. I then offered to pay 1and1.com for this site by check and slow-mail, to which they responded "piss-off, we don't do checks, credit only". My response was that if 1and1.com can't keep up with their own paperwork, they won't be trusted to put their hands into my bank account where they can take money at-will.

So in short, the atlantanorthproject.net site will soon be offline for good. That does not mean that work on the route is being cancelled. Already, someone else has expressed interest in blogging about the route, so i'll turn duties over to them. Roll on!

And by they way, I can't recommend doing business with 1and1.com internet site hosting.

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