Alton Park is home to many truck dispatching terminals and several railroad branchlines.

Comparison shot of SR route after CSX's Wauhatchie yard was added.

An interior loading dock shot from one of the RCAP assets.

The newest addition to the Southern Rails route is the CSX yard at Wauhatchie, TN.

New waters by the RCAP team.

New work on the Alton Park area of the route, at the base of Lookout Mountain.

In order to correct mistakes that were made when the original route was built, the tracks west of Chattanooga are undergoing a total realignment. Notice how barren the route looks without Kuju assets.

All new assets that are being built for the route will also be available to the public through RCAP.


  1. I love the old version so encouragement big time from here.

  2. After things settle down with VRC I am sure the route will get some well needed attention.